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Yoga con María

Yoga One to One in Sotogrande - Online one to One Yoga

Sotogrande, Campo de Gibraltar, Costal del Sol

clases de yoga y shiatsu en Sotogrande

María Uceda Muro

13 años de experiencia

Aprenda a relajarse, a reducir el estrés y a mejorar su bienestar

Clases de yoga y Shiatsu en Sotogrande, Campo de Gibraltar y Costa del Sol

Welcome! From Yoga and Shiatsu in Sotogrande, I would like to share some resources that can help you. Shiatsu, Yoga, Qi Gong are practices that activate the body’s healing processes to maintain or restore health: restore balance to the entire body through breathing exercises and conscious movements.

Individual classes and online classes of Yoga and Shiatsu. Online and face-to-face Yoga classes, and Shiatsu sessions in Sotogrande, Campo de Gibraltar and Costa del Sol. Individual Yoga classes, at home or in my studio. Gentle yoga to regain mobility and agility, as well as mental clarity.


Yoga is an effortless dance with breath and gravity… Vanda Scaravelli. This gentle yoga can be practised by everyone. The body loves the sense of freedom and joy it brings.


Through human touch we experience love, care and compassion, emotions that give us the support, strengh and courage we need in order to initiate healing on many levels of body and soul

Reflexology – Lymphatic Drainage

The Lymphatic System works in tandem with your cardiovascular system, transporting away waste and fighting infection. But unlike your blood vessels, your lymphatic system has no organ to pump the fluid, and can become sluggish without your help to keep it moving.


"Wonderful thorough and encouraging teaching, thank you María!

"My posture has improved, my golf has improved, and I live without pain. Thank you so much Maria"

"Thank you for the lovely lesson, Seems to have more ease in walking now."

"María ofreces recursos e inspiración para ayudar a muchas personas a reducir el dolor, la ansiedad, el estrés y despertar la creatividad;¡tan importante!. Mil gracias. "

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