Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage RLD: Inspiration and innovation

I am super excited to share with you my latest training in RLD.

Earlier this year I received treatment of RLD in Wales, UK. 

Approximately 16 years ago I was diagnosed with a primary lymphoedema.  Depending on the gravity and the degree of the condition the symptoms can consist of a mild to severe swelling of the fingers, hands, arms, feet or legs or even the whole of one side of the upper or lower body.  

Whilst visibly they may appear to be only physical symptoms, an altered body image can have significant psychological side effects resulting in a loss of confidence and self-esteem. This in turn leads a poorer quality of life and an inability to carry out daily activities and enjoy life.

After receiving the RLD treatment I was amazed by the rapid and notable benefit of this therapy which is the reason I decided to enroll in the training. Under the direction of Sally Kay, a pioneer and professional expert in the field.   You can read more about her work at

RLD is a physical therapy for the management and reduction of the swelling of both primary and secondary lymphoedema.  

Principles of RLD: It works by applying subtle pressure on specific lymphatic reflex points on the soles of the feet and the hands.  The aim of RLD is to invoke the natural drainage function of the body. RLD can be used as a stand-alone treatment or adapted accordingly to the client’s specific condition. 

drenaje linfático

Lymph, which is the fluid that flows through the lymphatic system, relies on movement, breathing and gravity to transport it in one direction only. Lymph vessels are compressed by muscular movement, which forces lymph forward. 

As Sally Kay states in her book… 

RLD brings hope to an unhopeful issue, a positive difference and helps to manage this debilitating condition. RLD is a pleasant and non-invasive treatment which has the potential to reduce the swelling. As no cure is available for lymphoedema, we can only manage it by preventing it from getting worse and by reducing the swelling effectively with RLD.

Conclusion RLD is a very well researched topic: The findings of this exploratory study suggest that RLD (Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage) may be helpful in the management of primary and secondary lymphoedema.”

For further information please contact me or book an appointment at: or Tlf + 34 699 621 202 

Thank you for reading this post and for sharing it with someone who might be interested!


Maria Uceda

October 2022

drenaje linfático