In 1 to 1 Yoga, each session is handcrafted with heart and experience, with only you in mind. During a session, you receive focused attention tailored to your current needs. Learn more about private yoga classes and their benefits in the following article:

Benefits of 1 to 1 Yoga

Greater attention and individualized correction Delve deeper into areas according to your interests, concerns, and needs.

Cultivate a more efficient practice and goal-free work.

Flexible scheduling, as you can have your practice at a convenient time according to your schedule.

Equally beneficial for someone new to Yoga as for the experienced; my classes offer benefits for everyone.

How a 1 on 1 Yoga Session Works

This Yoga session starts with an initial assessment and the establishment of personalized goals. The instructor takes the time to get to know the practitioner, assess their previous yoga experience, and understand their specific needs and goals.

Initial assessment and goal-setting

At this stage, questions are asked about health and any injuries or physical limitations the practitioner might have. Emotional and mental aspects that could influence yoga practice are also discussed. With all this information, clear and realistic goals are established to guide the yoga sessions as they progress.

Designing a personalized practice

Based on the established goals, the instructor develops a personalized practice for the practitioner. Appropriate poses and sequences are selected, tailored to individual abilities and needs. Additionally, accessories and props like blocks, straps, or blankets can be used to facilitate alignment and enhance the experience.

Guidance and corrections during the session Throughout the session

The instructor provides personalized guidance and specific corrections to ensure that the practitioner performs the poses correctly and safely. Individualized attention allows for work on technique, alignment, and breath, correcting any improper movements and providing personalized adjustments.

1 to 1 Yoga

Recommendations for finding a 1 on 1 Yoga Instructor

Finding a suitable 1 on 1 Yoga instructor is essential to ensure a quality experience and satisfactory results. Here are some recommendations that will help you choose the right professional:

Seek references and opinions from other practitioners

Gathering information about the reputation and level of satisfaction of other practitioners who have had experience with the instructor you are considering is important. Ask friends, family, or search online for testimonials and reviews from other individuals who have worked with them. This will give you an idea of their teaching style and the results they have achieved with other students.

Check the instructor’s training and experience

Research the instructor’s training, certifications, and experience. Make sure they are well-trained and have solid knowledge in the practice of this type of Yoga. Verify if they have received specific training in this modality and if they are up-to-date with the latest techniques and advancements. It’s also advisable to investigate whether they have worked with individuals with similar needs to yours, such as injuries, pregnancy, or stress.

1 to 1 Yoga

Support in situations of high sensitivity and complexity

During my decade of experience as a yoga teacher, I have helped different individuals in very challenging moments to learn to move with safety and gentleness.

During the last 8 months of her life, I accompanied Inmaculada Sánchez in the process of chemotherapy treatment to address her bone cancer. “I have bone cancer. For the past few months, María has been giving me yoga sessions. The classes are adapted to my physical limitations, and I always find a lot of peace and tranquility after finishing. María knows a lot about the possibilities that yoga offers to people in different situations. The contact with her is friendly and positive; she is a special woman and a very good teacher.” Inmaculada Sánchez (Estepona) April 2016

I helped and continue to help Christina in the process of improving mobility and breathing. Student with pulmonary emphysema 2020 – 2023

I assisted Bill in learning to move safely and gently during the last months of his life in his journey through liver cancer. 2021.

I have been helping and assisting patients from the Alzheimer’s Unit in Estepona since 2018. People with Alzheimer’s disease. Providing an atmosphere of calmness, free from distractions, supports mental clarity for everyone, even more so for individuals with special needs.

Success stories in 1 on 1 Yoga

In 1 on 1 Yoga, numerous individuals have experienced significant benefits that have transformed their practice and their lives. Through inspiring testimonials, we can appreciate how this personalized modality has had a profound impact on their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

1 to 1 Yoga

Testimonials from individuals who have experienced significant benefits

I first met María in May 2014 and have been having private yoga classes and shiatsu treatments with her ever since. María is an excellent teacher, and I eagerly anticipate each session as she provides a very tranquil and relaxing environment to relieve stress and rebuild mental and physical vitality. Sue W. UK 9 years later, I continue my private classes with María online. August 23.

Since 2018, I started receiving private yoga classes with María. Her yoga classes are always varied and do me so much good… they are the best I’ve had. I learn a lot from you through the explanations. Luciana (Brazil) 2018 – 2023 To this day, during my periods in Sotogrande, I continue to receive personalized yoga classes with María.

Passing through Sotogrande during a vacation, I had the opportunity to meet María, who introduced me to yoga and how to practice it for my greater happiness. With uncommon professional quality and infinite delicacy, I felt very well after each session. Looking forward to returning to Sotogrande to receive her classes full of movement, breath, and peace. Betty (Jerusalem) January 2019 – 2023

Examples of overcoming obstacles and personal achievements

Overcoming injuries: Many individuals have found 1 on 1 Yoga as an effective form of rehabilitation after suffering injuries. The personalized approach has allowed them to adapt asanas and movements to their needs, accelerating their recovery and safely strengthening their bodies.

Improvement in mental health: 1 on 1 Yoga has been an ally for those seeking to manage stress, anxiety, and depression. Individualized attention and correction provide a space of support and understanding, helping to release negative emotions and fostering mental clarity.

Deepening the practice: By receiving personalized instructions, 1 on 1 Yoga practitioners have managed to explore deeper aspects of their practice. They have improved their technique, increased flexibility and strength, and discovered new sensations and possibilities in each asana.

These success stories are just an example of the transformative potential of 1 on 1 Yoga. Each person finds their own path to holistic well-being and personal growth through this personalized modality. Dare to explore 1 on 1 Yoga and experience your own progress and improvements in the practice of yoga!

Frequently Asked Questions about 1 on 1 Yoga

Is prior yoga experience necessary?

Prior yoga experience is not necessary to begin private Yoga sessions. This personalized approach caters to different levels of experience, from beginners to more advanced practitioners. The instructor will work with you according to your needs and abilities, providing the necessary corrections and adjustments to ensure a safe and effective practice.

Is special equipment or a specific space required?

Special equipment is not required for 1 on 1 Yoga sessions. A yoga mat and comfortable clothing are generally sufficient. As for the space, it’s advisable to have a quiet and distraction-free area to practice. It can be done indoors or outdoors, as long as it’s a suitable environment for concentration and physical and mental well-being.

What is the recommended duration of a session?

The duration of a session can vary according to the practitioner’s needs and preferences. Generally, sessions last between 60 to 90 minutes, but they can also be shorter or longer, depending on your goals and time availability. The important thing is to establish a consistent routine that allows you to enjoy the benefits of 1 on 1 Yoga and adapt it to your lifestyle.