I teach clients of all ages a body friendly approach to Yoga.

In my classes you will find breathing exercises, as well as conscious movement of the joints that heals your posture and strengthen muscles, build balance and bring ease in sitting, standing and walking.

In my yoga classes the most important thing is that we meet wherever you (your nervous system) are at that moment.

So you get a practice that support you, nurture you in the needs you encounter today at this moment.

 Independently from your condition, you can always improve the quality of your movement, gain flexibility and release tension from your body.

 So, answering to the question about the type of yoga that I teach in my classes, relaxation is the key to start with.

I have influences from scaravelli yoga through many years as a student, started with Fairlie Gibson, John Stirk and Monica Voss in between others.

In this approach we focus more in what we do, how we do it, when, what´s our motivation or aim, how our body organize itself in order to get there, where we have chosen to get.

This can be found very distressing at the beginning, because for a long time, many of us have got used to do what the teacher ask us to do, and not paying much attention or even ignoring the needs you may have.

The first principle of this nature of yoga is to gravitate. How do you get there? What does it mean for you, to you; sensing yourself in gravity. How do you relate with the floor, with grounding.

To lengthen another principle: to lengthen after closing or folding, is like unfolding, opening, the many times misunderstood- extending.

Breathing is going on with us in every moment…Breathing, grounding, unfolding are the principles of Yoga you´ll find in my classes.

A yoga student might experience the yoga class as a reader who interpret what´s reading. The writer writes but is the reader in this case the student, who interpret, experience, explore what he or she hears from the suggestions or invitations I offer. It can be a journey getting to know your body better.

I also bring along from my path in Shiatsu and TCM Chi Kung. Chi Kung has been part of my journey and I adore it, so I include it in my classes when is appropriate.


I am also a student at a Feldenkreis School since four years ago, so you might find some of my interpretations of these ATM (awareness through movement) in my classes not with the aim of practicing Feldenkreis but adding qualities to improve propioception.

My classes are popular because the practice is based on the necessity of the moment and they are always new staff to practice with.

I Hope that give you an idea of what to expect.

The classes and can take place in person in my little studio in Pueblo Nuevo or at the comfort of your own space, or direct online.

I recommend you to visit:

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“Sometimes we don´t notice our discomfort

Until it becomes full blown pain”