Shiatsu and one-on-one Yoga can be somewhat solitary paths. Support and supervision become essential if one wants to stay centered and continue offering quality assistance. It can be appropriate on an occasional basis or even regularly. I am very grateful and feel greatly accompanied and supported in my professional practice.

Supervision encourages one to review their practice, examine procedures. Behind my work sessions, it’s not only Maria with her knowledge and experience, but also an “elegant team” of experienced professionals in their fields whom I call mentors. My mentors are contemporaries, helping me in the present and from the present.

Supervision in Work When Working Alone

In Shiatsu, Tamsin Greinger (Edinburgh). Sometimes certain topics need to be addressed, taking the time to share, reflect, understand how it’s affecting us, and clarify our Qi, in such a way that we can continue helping and maintaining our inner peace. Especially if you’re working with clients with serious illnesses or even at the end of their lives.

In Yoga, Fairlie Gibson (UK), who I owe a deep understanding of the terms Gentleness and Compassion. Monica Voss (Canada), who ignited my imagination through metaphors in Yoga. And in the existential aspect that encompasses the whole Self: Victor Cabanilla (Malaga).

Rest, reflect, receive supervision, and experience Shiatsu.