One to one yoga classes: Yoga was traditionally taught in this way, with the guru passing on the teachings to the student. In actual fact, there will be times in everyone’s life when it is more appropriate to receive one to one yoga from a teacher, for example, during recovery from illness, during periods of stress and anxiety, or recovering from an injury or simply deepening your spiritual practice.

 In this sense, yoga becomes a therapy taking charge of your health & wellbeing. It can really aid the healing process and provide an oasis each practice – creating time and space for ourselves to deeply relax and re-connect.

Working in a one to one setting is a great way to start yoga. The pace of the lesson is set to a comfortable level for you and can be developed as your confidence grows.

  • You don´t need to be flexible to start yoga or be able to sit quietly for an hour.


What to Expect and where: You will be taught a personal yoga practice, which is designed for your needs. The practice length would be around 70 to 90 minutes including talking a little about your experience.

The one to one sessions can take place in your own environment or at to my yoga studio.


Yoga Therapy for Physical Recovery: Yoga can be taught therapeutically to recover from an injury, or to support you living with a health condition.

Depending on the nature of the illness, yoga therapy can be used to prevent, cure or manage conditions. I have experience of teaching students with a variety of health conditions from chronic back pain, hips problems, frozen shoulders, knee pain even depression. Your yoga practice will be designed for therapeutic benefits; it will be gentle to begin with, to help you stabilize your condition. As you become more stable, then the practice will develop to help strengthen your body and mind. Yoga doesn´t just help with physical conditions such as joint injuries but also helps recovery on an emotional and energetic level.

Personal home practice: A one to one session may be set up to help you develop a home practice or to tailor your existing practice.

Some of the main benefits of a consistent yoga practice include:  Strengthens intuition so we live in a space of trust rather than fear and pain. It helps us release tension in our body. Allow us to experience deep relaxation and rejuvenation, leading to extra stamina and resilience.  Allow us to release the grip of ego, so the truth of the soul can be felt and known.  Is especially helpful for everyone who´s learning to deal with stress and anxiety.


Es un yoga muy amable, muy armónico. Soltar, mimarse por las mañanas. Se empieza el día de otra manera.

Marina / Madrid

De passage à Sotogrande pour les vacances, j’ai eu la chance de rencontrer María qui m’a fait découvrir le shiatsu pour mon plus grand bonheur. D’une rare qualité professionnelle et d’une douceur infinie dans sa technique de pressions, j’ai ressenti le plus grand bien après chaque séance. Mon sommeil s’est nettement amélioré et mes douleurs musculaires se sont apaisées comme par magie. C’est dommage que je ne puisse pas emmener Maria avec moi en Israël car il est rare aujourd’hui de trouver une thérapeute de cette valeur.

Betty / Jerusalen - Israel

I first meet Maria in May 2014 and have been having shiatsu treatments and yoga classes with her since then. Maria is an excellent teacher and I look forward to each session as she provides a very calm and relaxing environment in wich to relieve stress and build core body strength. I can highly recommend Maria as a professional shiatsu and yoga practitioner.

Sue Wilson (Gibraltar) July 2019

My wife and I had a number of Yoga classes with María during our last stay in Sotogrande. It was a first and indeed most rewarding experience! María is a very professional and patient teacher and her classes were very much geared to each of our personal needs. We can only but highly recommend her and will enjoy more of her classes after our return.

G & A. Behr (Berlin), 15/05/2019

I had very bad backache and sufferd many years. Then I decided to start yoga with María. I explained her what I wanted... she tailored her yoga lessons with me so perfect that after 10 lessons I was free of pain and started to enjoy my life again.

Astrid (Viena), 07/05/2019

Ich kann dir gar nicht sagen, wie gut deine beiden Shiatsus für meinen Rücken waren. Nach der Behandlung hatte ich während der Reise mit dem Wohnmobil von Spanien in die Schweiz keinerlei Rückenprobleme. Wir fuhren während 5 Tagen immerhin 2’100 km weit.

Walter Staub (Suiza),22/08/2018

María, ¡muchas gracias! Tus clases de yoga, tan variadas y que me hicieron tanto bien, son las mejores que he tenido. Aprendí mucho contigo, a través de las explicaciones de cada ejercicio y de sus beneficios.  Un gran abrazo.

Luciana (Brasil),18/06/2018

Dear Maria, thank you again for the Yoga lessons I had with you. A great experience, thorough, with lots of intuition and very effective. I am taking a lot home, as you always say “feel the sensation”, I do!  Un abrazo,

August (Berlin),02/08/2018

My husband & I have been practicing yoga with Maria while we are in Sotogrande for the summer. Maria is an excellent teacher; she explains everything very clearly & has a lovely calm way about her. Each class is different, showing us new sides to the yoga practice. We are really enjoying it. Thank you Maria!

Lara Wasson (Dublin),31/07/2018

Amazing! With only 7 yoga classes Maria helped me get rid of my worst complaints. When I arrived in Sotogrande for holidays I was experiencing terrible aches from hip to lower leg throughout the entire day. I could barely go for a walk with my dog. Maria taught me to start with exercises to loosen my pelvis, before any strength or stretch exercises. A better posture together with corresponding breathing exercises made it possible for me to go on walks again. And even more important: I know what I have to pay attention to avoid the pains from reoccurring. Many thanks. Maria!  See you next summer.

Claire (Netherlands),30/07/2018

Estoy en mi octavo mes de embarazo y soy epiléptica y es muy importante que a la hora del parto pueda controlar bien la respiración. Llevo algunas clases y desde la primera noté muchísima relajación y tranquilidad, aparte de que disminuyen las molestias propias del embarazo como el dolor de cintura, los calambres o la ciática. Las clases son individuales y personalizadas, y María aparte de su profesionalidad y amabilidad cuenta con muchos conocimientos y mucha paciencia. ¡Encantada con ella y con sus clases, lo recomiendo 100%! Durante el embarazo y fuera de él intentaré seguir yendo cuando mi bebé me lo permita. ¡Muchas gracias María, es un placer verte cada semana!

Cristina (Torreguadiaro), 29/01/2018

For one year, I have been suffering from cramped muscles in both my pelvis and legs. With only a couple of shiatsu sessions, I honestly feel that my movements are getting better and better.  Additionally, I feel a big improvement after sitting down for some time, for example after a long drive or plane ride. A Japanese bodywork that Maria is also very skilled in. It was the first time that I underwent this type of body therapy/massage. Maria provided me with a lot of information, and because of that I have more insight in the way my body functions.

Another interesting and healing experience!   ¡Abrazos!

Claire (Holanda), 18/08/2017

Prevenir es mejor que curar. Practico, por un lado, con una dieta equilibrada, con ejercicios para el cuerpo y la mente y, como un punto culminante de la semana, una sesión de Shiatsu con María.  Su carisma, al igual que su sala de terapia, produce un ambiente relajante. Su tacto es suave pero concreto y eficaz. Esta combinación provoca una percepción intensa de cada región del cuerpo y una relajación completa. A menudo lucho contra el adormecimiento para no perder un momento. María es muy amable y profesional. Muchas gracias.

Walter Staub (Suiza),01/05/2017

He descubierto el Yoga con María este verano. Los ejercicios que hago con ella me producen una paz y relajación difícil de describir.  Estoy contentísima de haberla conocido, su yoga terapéutico me ha proporcionado un bienestar que no experimentaba desde hace mucho tiempo.  Mil gracias. Rafaela Fontela  (Madrid),01/07/2017

El tratamiento del sábado pasado me hizo muy bien. Efecto inmediato de aumento de energía y decisión. Siento que la zona del plexo solar se ha relajado mucho y también la tendinitis del codo. Muchas gracias por el trato tan delicado. ¡Un abrazo grande!

Juan Domínguez (Marbella),09/11/2016

I have been receiving shiatsu from Maria since the beginning of August. I have been having many debilitating health issues resulting in my immune system being much depleted to the point of severe physical weakness and reduced mental energy not allowing me to even search for Maria. With time the viruses have receded enabling me to seek her out and start treatment sometimes twice a week. Maria is always aware of where my weaknesses are on the day I visit her and she responds directly to my body's needs. Without these sessions I would be still floundering around my home, the uplift in strength after each treatment has begun to build me up to being almost back to full strength again. Thank you Maria for your ongoing treatment and support as a true professional in your field of work in Shiatsu and a friend now too.

Val Morgan (Gales), 18/09/2016

Dearest María, Thank you for a lovely Shiatsu today. I am still basking in your beautiful touch. Much love,X

Fairlie (Inglaterra),09/08/2016

I have been attending Shiatsu sessions with Maria for the past six month, working with her one on one, I must say she is the most professional and experienced Shiatsu teacher I have ever worked with. I used to live in the U.S. And other parts of the world and always had my Shiatsu sessions , but I think Maria by far is the best. I absolutely recommend her to anyone who is thinking of going to Shiatsu sessions.

Isaac Massias (Israel),18/05/2016

Una experiencia y sensación muy agradable, que te ayuda a relajarte y alejarte del estrés de la ciudad y del trabajo. María es una persona muy tranquila que infunde paz.

Alberto (Bilbao)22/05/2019

I have got a bone cancer some months ago. María is teaching me yoga since the first days after the diagnosis. The sessions I have with her ever week are adapted to my physical limitations and I always feel more peaceful after them. María knows a lot about the possibilities yoga offers everyone. And she understands quite well too what the person she is teaching needs. The contact with her is warm and positive. She is a very special woman and a very good yoga teacher.

Inmaculada Sánchez (Estepona),30/04/2016

Maria is an excellent and very knowledgeable yoga teacher. Her classes were recommended to me by my physiotherapist as a safe and rehabilitative form of yoga. Intensity and types of exercises are tailored to individual needs and are very effective. I feel that the classes help me to get more in touch with my body and they improve my mood.  Maria Christina (Grecia),20/06/2015

Cómo resumir mis momentos de yoga este verano en Sotogrande. ¡Tantos años, tantos! Y es en este 2013, que encuentro a María y su yoga terapéutico que me ha dejado llena de paz, llena de amor y ¡llena de felicidad! Sin contar con la armonía que me iba transmitiendo en todas las sesiones. Si tengo que decir una palabra creo que sería armonía. ¡Ya quedó anotada para el verano próximo! ¡Mil gracias! ¡¡¡Un abrazo y me voy feliz!!!  Adriana (Colombia),15/09/2013

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