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María Uceda Muro |  Terapeuta de Yoga y Shiatsu en Sotogrande

terapeuta de yoga y shiatsu en sotogrande

During nearly two decades working in the hospitality and golf industry in an international framework, I had the opportunity to meet people from all countries and backgrounds.

Thanks to my fluency in speaking Spanish, English and German I could easily connect with people thus developing an ability to understand each person’s unique needs which became the foundation of my path as both Yoga and Shiatsu therapist.

With a lifelong learning in health and a passion in wellbeing, I finally made a career turn in 2012 and opened the Yoga & Shiatsu Studio with the aim to deliver tailor made services for patients and students.

Since then I have been working closely with people to fulfill their aspirations for optimal wellbeing as a One to One Yoga and a Shiatsu practitioner.

These days, I am happily directing Yoga & Shiatsu Studio, from where I develop well-tutored and memorable experiences for students online and in present.  A gentle approach that treats each person as an individual never strains the body and integrates movements, breathing, feeling and sensing as part of the practice.

Both Shiatsu and Yoga together have attuned me to work with the subtle energy of the body and thought me how to connect authentically with people and pay close attention to the detail of what they need.

Within my experiences in Personalized Holistic Treatments provided to ease pain and suffering through Shiatsu & Yoga:

Guide in High Sensitivity and Complexity Situations

Throughout my decade of experience as a yoga teacher, I have helped different individuals in very challenging times to learn to move safely.

I have guided students of various ages in situations of high sensitivity and complexity such as liver cancer, bone cancer, autism, pulmonary emphysema, and Alzheimer’s.

Adapting to special needs; sometimes one can practice on a classic mat, sometimes it has to be something softer like a blanket, sometimes it has to be done in a chair, or even in their own bed. Yoga reaches wherever we are!

Corporate Clients

2011 to 2019 Almenara Hotel, Sotogrande
2015 to 2020 Luxury Hotels in Malaga capital and Marbella”

terapeuta de yoga y shiatsu en sotogrande


I have continued my education in the following topics

  • Yoga training for children with special needs with Sonia Summar. 2012
  • Diploma Shiatsu Therapist through European Shiatsu School, Brian Carling 2013 /2017
  • Scaravelli Yoga Inspired with Fairlie Gibson 2016 / 2017
  • Stress and anxiety, how to reduce its impact: UNED José Carlos Fuertes Rocañín 2017
  • Mindfulness; for who is right and for who isn’t. Hospital Universitario La Paz Roberto Mediavilla 2018
  • Shiatsu without meridians with Wilfred Rappenecker. Germany 2018
  • Releasing Spinal Tension by working with the legs and arms. Dr. Melissa West 2018
  • Psychological factors involved in stress reactions UNED Beatriz Garcia Rodriguez. 2018
  • Yoga for compassion with Monica Voss, Toronto Canada. 2019
  • Yoga for Lymphatic circulatory System, Mar jean Olson Toronto Canada 2019
  • Fascia release with Gabriella Polli. Italy 2019
  • Fascia & Healing with Tom Mayers. Author de Anatomy trains. 2020
  • Yoga to strengthen digestion with Mar jean Olson, Toronto Canada. 2020
  • Pelvic floor health program with Angela McMillan from Professionals Movement Coach. 2020
  • Yoga for Highly Sensitive People Tama Soble, Toronto Canada. 2020
  • Chair Yoga,  with Hellen Kohl from Toronto March 2021
  • Yoga for Breast Health with Tama Soble  Toronto April 2021
  • Yoga for Osteoporosis with Shari from Esther Mayer Yoga Studio April 2021
  • Sounder Sleep Program with Patricio Simon Instituto Feldenkreis April 2021
  • Teaching Yoga to Human beings con Peter Blackaby Octubre 2021 
  • Actualmente estudio Medicina China en la escuela Neijing de Málaga.  Curso 2021 – 2022.
  • Quality of consciousness with John Stirk -Deeper Still  Dic 2021
  • Causes of back pain. Dr Fishman Loren  – Dic 2021
  • Yoga for Anxiety and Depression Teacher Training Program  Tama Soble   EMY Studio Jan 2022
  • Teaching yoga for anxiety and depression. Christine Weber Sublte Yoga Jan 2022
  • Fascia release and Shiatsu level II Gabriella Poli  March 2022
  • Learn to protect and soothe your hands & wrists. Feldenkreis Method by David Zemach-Bersin June 2022.
  • Reflexology Lymph Drainage by Sally Kay September 2022
  • Chair Yoga for brain & nervous system health by Kristine Subtle Yoga September & October 2022.
  • Moving from the Heart – Tama Soble. EMY Studio  Feb 2023
  • Intelligent Knees for better walking  with Raz Ori  Feldenkreis Access.  March 2023
  • Moving & Thinking clearly with  Tifany from Creativity Movement Feldenkreis April 2023
  • Discovering Core ability and agility with Dwight  Parguee Feldenkreis Access. May 2023
  • Standing, sitting and walking in Yoga.  June 2023 with Monica Voss in person retreat St David, Wales UK.


Congreso europeo Internacional de Shiatsu Amsterdan 2020
  • Sutil Energy Patrizia Stefanini
  • Shiatsu La sociedad del cansancio / Burnout society Mike Mandl
  • Shiatsu, Improvisation and beginner´s mind Nick Pole
  • Shiatsu, Meridians Sasaki Sensei
  • Shiatsu, Ampuku for your own health Vera Carbaat
  • Shiatsu, Inspirational Quotes In Times of Crisis for Shiatsu practitioners Wataru Ohashi
  • Shiatsu, Physical Democracy Bill Palmer & Teresa Hadland

On a personal level, and having been born in a rural village in Campo de Gibraltar, I am a naturalist and a bird lover. I enjoy writing and painting. When I’m not working, I am researching and learning to offer higher quality in my services as a yoga teacher and shiatsu therapist.

I am very grateful to all my teachers who have inspired in me a love and respect for the potential of these disciplines that can help people so much.