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Why might you need to teach Yoga classes online from home?

Yoga with María offers you through its online Yoga classes, a range of personalized classes, workshops, or retreat days to carry out from home via Zoom. And, of course, in-person at the studio (1 participant), or at the student’s home (as many as desired).

Practicing yoga online and in person is meaningful in different ways, and I hope you enjoy one or both experiences.

Although it may frustrate some students, online sessions have proven to be very helpful since we had to do many things from home.

The large number of bookings and the ability to reach a wider audience are proof that, without a doubt, this learning model is here to stay.

What benefits can I find in online Yoga classes?

These classes are highly recommended for people who do not practice yoga, as well as for yogis or teachers who need to let themselves fall into other expert hands that guide or accompany them.



It can help to recover lost function in a limb.



Finding ways to move without pain



Getting to know oneself a little better and being able to stand on one’s own feet, with balance and stability.

Iniciarse en el Yoga

My online Yoga classes are custom designed for each student and are taught individually and in groups.

What can I say about the classes, smoke will not come out of your ears. It’s not a competition!

I will design your program after listening to your main concern or comment about your goal for this at-home Yoga session. In your class, you are the star; you will have the opportunity to truly focus on your own need, tuning in to what your body requires.

This may include breathing, movements, meditation.

There are many benefits to practicing yoga at any time of the day. Before work, it can be a fantastic start to the day. Before lunch, it can be a wonderful way to regain energy for the afternoon, and yoga after work can be a great way to unwind after sitting all day.

With Yoga classes, you will learn to move with ease and harmony and to calm your mind, whether in person or online.

In the classes, we are not trying to be good at achieving movements or postures. Rather, these should be useful to us and benefit us. We will try to discover automatic habits of movements and postures. With an attitude of exploring other more efficient ways of moving from a place of comfort and kindness.

Moving with ease and harmony and calming your mind from home. This may seem simple, but to achieve it one has to spend time taking the time and experimenting with what feels good to their body, what is beneficial, then, we will have tuned into our nervous system and our practice will be carried out from a place of joy, comfort, interest, and attention.

An example to start the yoga class from home is by getting into a comfortable posture, and connecting with a sensation, then we can encompass two or three sensations at once.

How does this movement resonate with me today… Some days something may work really well; other days it may be more elusive and require other movements or simply more stillness.

Open yourself to new perspectives and possibilities. Discover old patterns of movement and thought. Find that we are comfortable in a new situation and willing to receive all that it has to offer us. Leave the mat with more energy as a result. Feeling alive, calm, upright, inspired, and balanced.